Chris Gill, I.Eng., M.I.E.T., A.C.I.W.E.M.

By profession I am an Engineer, for nearly 40 years I worked with a number of diverse employers until my retirement in 2007.

My career began as a student electrical engineer in the coal mining industry centred in Yorkshire, England. I subsequently changed to civil engineering becoming indentured to a large County Council and contributing to the maintenance and design of highways and bridges in the north of the U.K.

Continuing in the same field I moved to the railway industry adapting my knowledge to the design and maintenance of railway track, buildings and structures. During this time I also followed parallel interests in the then seemingly unrelated fields of art, graphics and electronics.

Following career opportunities I continued to work in civil and general engineering becoming specialised in the mathematic, digital modelling of river flows and drainage systems. Working with two of the U.K.'s largest water companies I spent much of my time designing, constructing and maintaining sewerage, land drainage systems and related structures before returning briefly to highway maintenance.

Taking early retirement enabled me to work with friends and clients around the world using my experience, knowledge and simple skills, particularly in information technology, to help promote businesses and provide other practical help, advice and assistance.

More recently I have been involved in the design and construction of museum display cases in association with Framework R&D Ltd. Knowledge of materials and structures proved an invaluable aid in developing economic and simple solutions to a variety of design briefs from clients throughout the U.K.. A link to the Framework web site and a few other web site examples are included on my “Contact” page.

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