MC World Enterprise (MCWorldEnt) was formerly the business run by myself (Chris Gill). I now work informally as part of Ivana International, which is the trading name for the group of enterprises, including MCWorldEnt, headed by Ivana Straska. Ivana is a successful mental health care professional formerly of Ontario, Canada and now based in Yorkshire, U.K.

While supporting and promoting Ivana's challenging work, MCWorldEnt also continues to provide simple, economic solutions in website and graphic design to clients around the world. This website gives a brief insight into some current activities.

Website Development

Development and hosting of simple, low cost websites is one of the services provided. . .

Ivana International

A clean, bright, sophisticated website with a clear message.

Karrik Services Ltd

Simple, low cost, promotional websites for small local business.

Back in Time Café

Flexible presentation, tailored to the specific business.

Winery Strasky

Mostly local clients, but sometimes farther afield too.


It is not possible to display all my work, but to see a few more samples Just click the "more examples" button to drop down a short list.

My websites are mostly written using the free and open-source CSS framework "Bootstrap". It is compact and versatile, and ideal for today's need for responsive websites that work when viewed on a variety of devices from smart phones to PCs. However, I also develop and host WordPress & Joomla websites where a client specifically requires it.

Graphic Design & Photography

In the course of my work I frequently need to undertake basic graphic design, this includes business logos, business cards, and other elements required for web design.

I have also accumulated a large number of photographs which have been used in webdesign, wall art, promotional items, and personal mementos, the images can be purchased through the drop-down links in the "myshops" menu item.